Will Lost Ark’s Honing System Ever Be Fixed? – Allcraft With Zeals

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By Estila

13 thoughts on “Will Lost Ark’s Honing System Ever Be Fixed? – Allcraft With Zeals”
  1. It's so funny when ppl get mad when streamers whale. I could care less, I'm having so much fun playing the game, I'll get there eventually, until then I'm just gonna enjoy the ride!

  2. The game gets a lot of hate it does deserve.

    People say they don't want people to get to endgame on day 1, but the game is designed to do just that, as long as you pay for it… but if you don't, they time gate you to death to make it as painful, un-fun, and casino-like as possible… all the various currencies shuffling around, limiting dailies to 3, limiting chaos dungeons to 2 with aura, the exponential lowering of honing chances which require so many different currencies just to use…

    It's not fun. and the design is not for the players in mind, and it deserves all the hate it gets.

    It wouldn't be so bad if content didn't require such divisive ilevel requirements, and every quest has no real choice.

  3. i rly hate the idea of alts, like the profit u make of them is crazy, and having atleast 6 is like mandatory if u wanna go far, ofc iwanna play other chars, but i dont wanna play atleast 6 or even more if i wanna make more profit

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