Why You Should NEVER Neglect Your Alts In Lost Ark…

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I mean everyone was complaining in every single other game that you couldn’t play alts.. and now people are complaining that you have to play alts! WTF ?? 400 Alts Doinb Ryzehack.

0:00 – 0:25 | Intro
0:25 – 1:50 | Play what you love, and nothing more
1:50 – 4:10 | Gold generation, funneling, and tripods
4:10 – 8:10 | Put in some effort, and Pheons…
8:10 – 9:50 | Utilizing alts for Una reputations or Rapport
9:50 – 12:30 | Lopang-arang
12:30- 13:55 | Tools for tracking
13:55 – 14:49 | Conclusion

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By Estila

13 thoughts on “Why You Should NEVER Neglect Your Alts In Lost Ark…”
  1. My alts to me are like third fourth and fifth child I give them attention every 3-4days when the rest meter fills up otherwise I'm busy with my first/second child

  2. When I first heard this game was coming out 1st thing I did was Google all the classes. Immediately I wanted to play 4 classes. Gunlancer, destroyer, scouter, artillerist. Right now only 2 are available to play and I'm bored out my dam mind..I dont mind grinding ults. But atleast give me ults I want to play.

  3. 4:30 if there is no pheon system, what stops me for making scnd or third account and make script to auto buy underprice items and resell them? Imagine how many bots would do that. Im f2p and im never out of pheons that game gives me.

  4. Re: the phaeon system, I don't enjoy it… far from it, I find it quite aggravating. However I feel I must point out that the presence of that system is one of the reasons we don't see massive market manipulations happening on gear & accessories. Other games like for example EvE Online that have free markets are subject to manipulation and "market pvp" by hoarders which leads to massive price spikes as the more popular arena events come up (more than doubling existing prices of ships or rigs in some cases).

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