Why THESE Champs AREN’T Scary! – League of Legends

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By Estila

9 thoughts on “Why THESE Champs AREN’T Scary! – League of Legends”
  1. i play aatrox in gold 1 – plat 4 and playing vs darius is a matter of how impatient the other is, id darius is walking foward trying to grab you u can keep him away with Q and if he is not slow pushing you have turret advantage, makes the early csing bearable and even winnable if u manage to outrange him

  2. To be honest garen is 3xDariusThreat in low elo.

    Since in low elo most games are 2.5 vs 2.5
    A complete trash garen has way better chance at surviving lane (doesn't have to hit Q for sustain)
    Can still Flash + R on right target, while darius has to stack it up.
    Build in MS lets him choose summoner spell (TP+Flash or Flash+Ignite or Flash+Ghost)

  3. darius also stomps low elo largely because of the cheese, so he just gets massive gold lead early. People wont be scared of a kayle, even tho the kayle might be chall smurf, simply because the gold lead is more gradual than a darius cheese. In short, only noobs lose to dar 😛

  4. The "high elo" darius didnt leveled up W first to trade, he leveled up Q because he has the pussy mentality of the 1st Urgot, so they both made the same mistake, and no ur wrong, u can blablablabla all u want, but darius wins 95% of all 1v1s fights, and even more vs a Urgot because at lvl3 he has a massive kill treath on him, he can E him after he uses his E and Urgot cant simply "kite away"

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