Why Players Are Quitting LOST ARK

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By Estila

13 thoughts on “Why Players Are Quitting LOST ARK”
  1. i agree with some things but i fucking disagree with that shit you sad "if you don't like grinding than MMO is not for you" what the actual fuck who do you think you are to make that statemant? for me it sounds like a little bitch crying when someone tell that her favorite movie is a piece of shit. I've played MMO's since 2005 and i will never say something like that, grind is very important of course but i've known a lot of people that played with me that really love MMO's but hates grind. Never forget the minorities and don't take what the majority thinks as an absolut true because it's not. The world is huge and it appears that you still have a lot to learn about MMO's little baby.

  2. It's because streamers like sywo that mmo companies get money and they offer us crap content. All he does here is finding excuses for obvious problems that Amazon purposely create.

  3. This is frustrating to watch. He is just picking the stuff he can debunk, and skipping over the real issues.

    9:50 – The post is saying the issue is finding a guild, it says "the game doesn't make it easy". From this, the dude takes out the old basic mmorpg discussion of, should a guild be a requirement? That wasn't the issue he stated at all in the post. The post is saying the game doesn't provide the tools necessary to find a suitable guild, which he doesn't address in the video at all.

    15:00 – The post is saying that you have 2 choices to be a hardcore player, either pay with your wallet, or use hours to grind on multiple characters. The issue here is the hours of grinding required to be hardcore for a free to play player. The issue is clear, yet this dude starts talking about how it's wrong for casual players to expect a hardcore players rewards?? The post stated he is grinding hours on several characters to keep up with the hardcore players who pay with their wallets, which isn't fair. The dude in the post is clearly playing hardcore, how does the casual player argument apply to him? Because he isn't paying with his wallet, he isn't hardcore, or? It makes no sense.

  4. I've quit lost ark not because I'm obsessed with gs (currently 1355 main and 1090 alt), but because daily content (which is needed to boost your gs to get to FUN content) is just BORING. My group of friends got split due to gs (this didn't happen when we played ESO for example) so we simply don't do stuff together anymore. Out of the 10 of us who started, only 1 continues playing and it's not me…

  5. The amazon greed ruined the game for NA /EU , the fact they modified it in such a way to make you spend money compared to Korean version made me not give a fuck about the game tbh

  6. I'm nearing 5 months in, I have just gotten my main to 1040. I like doing the collections and side quests as they unlock. So i'm spending like 2-3 weeks doing islands, dailies and rapport while taking it slow to unlock the next area. Which I found from KR players how it was designed to be done, not yeeting your self to current end game in a week. its those that see it as a race to vertically climb while ignoring anything horizontal that are crying p2w.

  7. I played from the first minute until now and i played 2-3month on RU, I reached 1350 and I gave up few weeks ago, I don't see the fun in the game from T3, the only items that managed to upgrade were successful when I failed to the maximum and received a bonus, raid players so far are not able to learn the mechanics and in the abyss I have no hope, guilds do not accept you without T3 and the equipment required by them, those who accept you want to be active 8/12H to farm what they want and you wake up out of the guild for no reason, in PVP there is no chance to win when you meet experienced players from KR or RU and your team does not know how to press a key.

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