Why NO ONE Plays: Varus | League of Legends

For today’s episode of Why NO ONE Plays, we’re gonna be talking about Varus: The Arrow of Retribution. Funnily enough, the thumbnail for this video was made for almost a full year ago LOL

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By Estila

9 thoughts on “Why NO ONE Plays: Varus | League of Legends”
  1. NOTICE: I've gotten a lot of comments pointing out the large number of ads on this video. I use Premium so I didn't even tell but when I checked my auto midroll settings they placed like 1 ad every minute. I manually lowered the ad placement down but I suggest anyone who doesn't have adblock to download one.

  2. I think they should either rework his passive and make it more conducive to his neutral god/poke playstyle(less interesting to play maybe but at least its unique) or just commit to making him fully ap or ad.

  3. just give him a real freaking identity is the best thing i can think of. Give him an distinctive playstyle and/or some gimmick to his kit then he'll be good.

  4. I am having great success as a varus otp, I have 3 builds I go for depending on the enemy team, ap for tanks, ad for assassins and squishies and standard for a more tf depended game, the variety is what keeps me playing him.

  5. So basically… hes a marksman trying to be a mage, the same way azir is a mage trying to be a marksman… so logically that explains why his mid lane is alright, but his autos then feel neglected, which is wasteful on a marksman, so ideally we just accept that this is a demon duel wielding gay dudes who are too gay to control and all logic is out the window now…
    Time to play him support.

  6. Hey I love your videos and watch them a lot while doing other stuff. Thanks for the content. I also wanted to ask if you could do a video on Soraka.

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