When you run into a dual kodachi player in call of duty

Another gaming skit for my channel. This is kind of a remake of one of my older tiktoks which was titled “when you run into a knife player in call of duty.” The older version of this video is severely outdated with some really bad acting and editing since it was one of my first videos I’ve ever made. So I decided to remake that video as this and it came out exactly as I like. Hope you all enjoy!

Sometime down the road I want to remake a lot of my older videos that I made before I started to get big on tiktok/youtube such as this one. Most of my older videos were written well enough to hold up with my content now, but just the acting and editing was very mediocre even for my standards lol. These videos mainly consists of skits I made before I even hit 1k subs on youtube and 10k followers on tiktok, so nearly all of them have remain unseen my majority of you guys.

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Edited using blender video editing on my computer
Music taken from the free audio library here on YouTube

By Estila

14 thoughts on “When you run into a dual kodachi player in call of duty”
  1. Dual kodachi players then grew and grew and soon no one was safe from the dual kodachi players and there was only 1 other person that could save everyone and that the Laginator but then call for help was sent he didnt come and sadly many have died…

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