What a crazzy game with Silas! | Rdu Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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By Estila

6 thoughts on “What a crazzy game with Silas! | Rdu Hearthstone Battlegrounds”
  1. Wo and Great Video RDU.
    Just a small advice which you probally Know but forget to look at in this fast paced Game Style.

    at 19:40 for example i think teaching yourself to sell minions left on your Hand can become quiet a Good habbit Most of the time

    If your fe on Level 6 looking for tripples holding other 6 Drops like zwo on Hand, and selling lower Tier minions like hoggar is better to thin out potential 6 drops you can discover, to be more linely gerting what you want.

  2. Is BGs still in beta? This much lag is inexcusable from Blizzard. Simple card game that lags on workstation level PC. This is just bad programming on their part.

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