We’re Playing Lost Ark Wrong! How KR gets the best gear | Asmongold Reacts

Asmongold learns how Lost Ark players on the Korean region get the cheapest accessories with the best engravings using API by watching a ZealsAmbitions video.

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By Estila

12 thoughts on “We’re Playing Lost Ark Wrong! How KR gets the best gear | Asmongold Reacts”
  1. We need that tool, because it is exactly why people stopped playing or parking on 1340-1370 with bad gear. They die through content as they dont want to mixmatch for hours.
    Another thing would be identifying valuable loot, that people might want.
    Can you imagine how many stuff gets flushed down the toilet, because players dont know what each class needs?
    Imagine being able to get quick overview on your armor and acccessories drops…possibly even set thresholds when to sell and whhen to destroy.
    It is currently preventing me from having fun. I have a full inventory and everytime I clean up I say: Fuck it after 2 minutes of fiddling around.
    I am sorry, but mixmatching gear because you cannot craft towards what you want is ultimately destroying playerbase.
    I have interviewed more than a dozen people that started lost ark, went to tier 3 and now deinstalled the game.
    And when asking beyond honing stuff and tapking about mixmatching engravings, ability stones and what books to grind, etc…the double and triple rng layers + working the auction house for a significant time to make additionally nal gold? They 100% say, that this might be the single most annoying stuff on top.
    Honing your ass off is one thing but getting a powerful setup you can build upon is a big underlying topic that can be described in a simple way: It makes people quit 80% of the time.
    I dont even care of 1400+ takes ke a year…if it would be a craft with not 2-3 layers of RnG but actually craft what u need and layer stuff on top.
    You can set up your mind to see the rng the other way around like loot…and games with random loot exists in wow and others as well….but it is a hurdle that actively not only destroys fun, but also sneaks into your brain with underlying anger, anxiety and such stuff…and people der nt want to cope with that…even if there is easy ways to think about it diffferently.
    I am parked now…doing some stuff, waiting for lancemaster…but I cannot see me (in the future) continueing the game.
    After knowing the current bosses, I played the abssals for 2 more times and am bored until 1340…
    And honestly…people make the raids harder than they are. It isnt the god of raid content.. actually beside 2-3 bosses everything else is more a poor boss design than any other raids in other big mmos. I am sorry to burst that bubble….numbers show, that besides 2-3 boss encounters the game is NOT for hardcore raid guilds..they clear the shit man n just a few days…. sich metimes even oneshotting the boss as soon as the mechanics are clear.

  2. rune more ads ??? hellno fk ads, he just add a donation button that will do the job, ADS on websites only turn people off nobody like diss garbage ads that nobody klik on

  3. Min-max? KR is like 3 years ahead. He propably has all island souls, Ignea tokens, hearts and all vertical content cleared. People regret going whale mode, coz F2P people reached same content. 3 years is a lot of time. You can't say someone min-maxed coz he is at the top content.

  4. so basically all i got out of this video is that the NA version is absolute trash lol and the americans get fucked in the ass on every game we get. and we will probably never have an experience like the KR does lol cool.

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