Valorant How To Improve Your Aim (Valorant Guide)

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Valorant How To Improve Your Aim (Valorant Guide) | Carnage Gaming
How to improve your aim in Valorant by Riot Games.
This video is rushed and low quality, sorry.

Today we go over how to improve aim in valorant and how to increase aim in valorant.

If you want more Valorant Guides LET ME KNOW! Enjoy.
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By Estila

16 thoughts on “Valorant How To Improve Your Aim (Valorant Guide)”
  1. i think rather than doing the practice going from bot head to bot head is wrong. in order to gain muscle memory for getting 1 taps you need to do the normal test where you have to lock on your a random area. Stick with a sensitivity that you like and don’t change it often, if you do it throws off your muscle memory, giving you less chance of a 1 tap head shot.

  2. hey thx for the video i enjoyed it and it was very helpful… btw what is your dpi? and how do you even check?… please respond

  3. The problem with me is I can get pretty good scores on even high speed test
    But I completely suck when it comes shooting players
    I just go blind whenever someone pops up in my screen

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