VALORANT Gun Guide l How to use the Vandal l Recoil Patterns

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By Estila

16 thoughts on “VALORANT Gun Guide l How to use the Vandal l Recoil Patterns”
  1. Subbed! this video was really helpful. You said 70% confidence, I find my game is never consistent. I aim train and aim train, watch pro vods, and have a game where I completely pop off and get 30+ kills and an ace then the next game I play like garbage and get in my head and my aim falters. How do you maintain that 70% and be consistent with aim and confidence?

  2. You're not taking into account that the spray pattern isnt the same every time. After so many bullets, every 0.32 seconds the gun has a % chance to sway Left OR Right, leaving you with wildly different spray patterns every time.

  3. I love both rushing, and being a corner holder and sniper also, but i can't do the switch thing swap with the sniper should i still go main sniper then? Or else i would just main breach instead of my 200+ matches on valan. Like i am good at flick shotting and pistols, and also decent at the guardian. But ye i also like to rush like with characters like breach and vandal seems great for it. Some advice would be awesome, and you give great info man subbed and belled !

  4. Also the left right pattern is not definite. It is better to just shoot the first 10 bullets in a spray pattern and then if someone is close by just drag your crosshair down and left and pray you got them

  5. I bought a Sakura Vandal once cause I though it must be easy to use, turns out its not really. This video really helps me through it, thanks Boaster! You earned my like and subscribe <3

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