Trust Doesn’t Rust

K.A.R.R. – the Knight Automated Roving Robot – was created by Wilton Knight years ago and was rejected as a prototype because its program of self-preservation was too threatening. It should have been destroyed, but instead was simply locked away. Now, Tony and Rev, two petty thieves who accidentally discovered K.A.R.R.’s warehouse and reactivated its circuits, have taken control of the machine. Using K.A.R.R.’ s computer analyses, they set out to rob a nearby museum jewel exhibit, kidnapping Bonnie in order to maintain the car’s circuitry. Devon and Michael quickly realize that without K.I.T.T.’s altruistic programming, K.A.R.R. is devoid of a conscience, and, in the hands of people who misuse it, could become an out-of-control menace to humanity. The only one who can stop K.A.R.R. is K.I.T.T. – and the result is a spectacular car chase in which the two computers match wits and technical capabilities.

By Estila

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