This is my FAVORITE Warlock Deck Right Now – Tickatus Warlock – Hearthstone Alterac

Alterac Valley Hearthstone Best Standard Decks. Here is Tickatus Warlock Hearthstone Gameplay (HS Gameplay). Learn How to Climb to Legend with this Hearthstone Guide. This isn’t Battlegrounds Gameplay (BG gameplay) but I may do it at some point on my channel or future channels.


Blue Light Glasses (No More Eye Strain):
Headset :
Mouse :
Keyboard (Quiet but Satisfying keys) :
Microphone (Amazing for the Cost) :
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Demon Hunter:

Music: Prefekt – Numb Ft. Johnning
Released by JompaMusic Records:


By Estila

11 thoughts on “This is my FAVORITE Warlock Deck Right Now – Tickatus Warlock – Hearthstone Alterac”
  1. I play my own recipe of Tickitus Warlock and yes it can be thtashed by aggro but who cares when you don't give a cr@p about your Rank and just play for fun on ladder and do daily/weekly quests for gold and packs

  2. I mean, that first game was indeed an exciting game with a lot of cool RNG involved but like, you were doing the MOST my man. You deserve an Oscar for that performance. You laid it on SO thick. Yeah some random stuff happened and there was a yogg and at one point if the randomly cast secret was ice trap you just lose….but damn dude. Chill out. You're overacting more than the characters on a bad Spanish soap opera.

  3. Even though I have to craft MULTIPLE legendaries to play it this deck looks super sweet lol. I think I'm gonna try a couple grave defiler to copy felosophy for even more tickatus 😈 maybe even an altar of fire or two to really attack the OPs deck, why not?

  4. Sorry to spam, but speaking of crafting legendaries, how necessary is mutanis? I mean I know it helps corrupt tickatus but like, other than that it's just a fine-ish disruptive minion. And yeah, cutting mutanis means portal ALWAYS draws tickatus. Talked myself into it. I actually think that's a legit improvement. Ohhhhhhh but that's why you don't run grave defiler….well shoot. I still think cutting mutanis but not adding grave defiler is the move.

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