The Ultimate Survivor Nerf – Dead by Daylight

The Ultimate Survivor Nerf – Dead by Daylight

In today’s video we are going to be nerfing survivor by using no perks, hope you all enjoy!

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My perks are pink by installing a custom icon pack which is available on PC, the pack I use is the pink galaxy pack

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By Estila

11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Survivor Nerf – Dead by Daylight”
  1. "we're out in the open he can get 2 health states with his blades", bruh he's clearly out of blades.
    "i think he's left us after running him for 2 gens", no he's reloading you need to run.

  2. Yeah i had a game where I instantly ran into the killer and got chased first and somehow I got the first gen done in the round by myself like what the fuck was my teammates doin?

  3. I was playing as plague last night and at 1 point I had all 4 at max infection in a chase with one, for some reason I decided to stop the chase because I worried that it'd be considered tunneling, considering I was using the green addon that reduces pools by 2 too

  4. I was playing killer and got an early hook on a survivor. I roamed around the map, FAR, FAR from the hooked survivor and her teammates let her die on first hook. I was so disgusted, I made sure to spare none of them. Had they saved her and given me a good match, I might have given two, maybe even three of them escape. I’m not the greatest player but I do play well and always prefer a really entertaining game to a boring 4k game.

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