The Legend of Dream – Minecraft’s Smartest Player (Part 1)

The Legend of Dream – Minecraft’s Smartest Player. In Part one of this documentary I give an overview of the complete story of Minecraft legend and YouTuber Dream. I will cover everything from Cursed Minecraft, to the Pewdiepie seed saga, Minecraft Unsolved, Minecraft but challenges, Minigames such as Minecraft Ultimate Tag and Block shuffle, and even speedrunner vs challenges!! This Minecraft Documentary is the second in a line of new content I want to post. Make sure you are subscribed for more content of this quality. Let me know your favorite part in the comments!!

Huge thanks to my Sister Kaiya for writing the “Cursed Minecraft” and “Unsolved Mysteries” Sections!!


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Intro: (00:00)
His First Steps: (00:46)
The Plan: (01:55)
Cursed Minecraft: (03:45)
The Pewdiepie Saga: (06:35)
Minecraft Unsolved: (10:34)
The Content Transformation: (12:33)
Coded Challenges: (14:52)
Player VS Player Challenges: (16:39)
Speedrunner VS: (18:13)
Outro: (19:44)

00:00: />00:46: />01:55: />03:45: />06:35: />10:34: />12:33: />14:52: />16:39: />18:13: For the Final Kingdom – Edgar Hopp (Epidemic Sound)

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