The Grand Theft Auto V Iceberg Explained

Today on Iceberg Explained we deep dive into the world of Grand Theft Auto V. This is a huge one so let us get into it! Enjoy!
Intro: 0:00
The Sky: 2:00
The Tip: 8:12
The Center of the Iceberg: 18:08
Under the Iceberg: 37:13
The Abyss: 41:37

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By Estila

14 thoughts on “The Grand Theft Auto V Iceberg Explained”
  1. The music that plays during Trevor's Clown Assault scene is the same tune Primus plays over the PA right before they take the stage. It gave me chills to hear it in the game cus it has always meant "oh man… its about to get nuts in here".

  2. I’m gonna predict that GTA 6 will be released on November 25,2025 when the game actually releases I’ll see how close/off my prediction is

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