The Decline of Lost Ark

Amazon is intentionally making Free-To-Play in Lost Ark impossible. The painful Pay-to-Win issues of the MMO have become more apparent with the latest patch release, and the Lost Ark player count started to decline. Asmongold reacts to Amazon’s response to the community and their concerns, and discusses the Heartbreaking State of Lost Ark.

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By Estila

13 thoughts on “The Decline of Lost Ark”
  1. On the topic of games that people have that they can't see the flaws in, Dust 514. Twas a PS3 exclusive, battlefield/planetside style FPS that was connected to Eve Online. Actually one of the most fun FPS games I ever played. Was one of the top players, but that's not saying much because I low-key kind of cheated, because weirdly enough, you could play with a Mouse and Keyboard if you plugged them into your PS3, and not a lot of people realized that.

  2. This reminds me so much of game of war fire age, loved playing that game doing raids and wonder/super wonder fights enjoyed the planing ahead of time etc, but soon like many games greedy corporate fucks just killed it by making it pay to win.

  3. They have to give the whales something to do. They so obviously released it for those whales to keep spending money and moving the goal post further.

  4. The thing here is that Stoopzz has been highly inconsistent. I'm not saying that he's being paid by AGS, but I understand why people think it. Stoopzz is being so defensive because he praised the game a lot pre-release, saying how much LOA respected players time. And after the Western release, and with the piss poor decisions made by AGS/SMG made a lot of players feel like their time is wasted and Stoopzz is looking bad for the inconsistencies from his statements and is now forced to play defensive. I think this is the hill he will die on as he's losing a lot of credibility from his crusade in defending the bad decisions and mismanagement the Western release is experiencing.

  5. man this guy literally got spammed by random viewers with materials and what not, and is whining about P2W while other people have made it to 1400+ without paying a single cent into this game, you can literally farm everything and exchange currencies. ofcourse someone who barely played the game without asking his viewers to be carried complains a lot when he has to do sh1t alone for the first time lol.

    and all these "90% quitting videos is hilarious, people want to finish an mmorpg in 2 weeks and then begin malding while failing some upgrades LOL grow up

  6. If you think about it, If they make the chances of successful honing is to make it less costly, they will make way more money because people will come back and it’ll make it easier for people to get to t3 endgame

  7. Free to play games are a huge scam, misleading, you will pay 10 times as much the game would cost in a box. They hold everything behind a paywall, they are destroying the video game industry, or already have.. the good old days were developers were in control are over, publishers, corporate greed disease took over.

  8. 1370 sooo hard….lol comon…let them cry…if a game his to EZ it gets fkin boring….1370 his no that hard it just take some patience…I did it without spending a fkn penny in a month……let the noobs cry Asmon…..we dont care about them…if they dont want to struggle a bit in a game…Why should we make a game easier for noobs ?? GET GUD !!!

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