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More 2022 Highlights:
A compilation of the sickest pro aces of 2022 so far. Of course the year hasn’t ended yet, but I can make part 2 anytime in the future. If you think I missed a play worth including, let me know in the comments below. I hope you will like the video! #aces #clutches #pro #csgo #highlights #best #plays

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[Electro Pop] Versio – Feel It (ft. Nar)

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This video is recorded using GOTV which is free to use, stream and publish by Valve – the developer of this game – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


By Estila

15 thoughts on “THE BEST PRO ACES OF 2022! (INSANE PLAYS!) – CS:GO”
  1. Something you could use for future videos, when there is muted players and you can’t unmute them, you can use the command: cl_sanitize_muted_players 0 or something like that and it will revert them back to their original name and profile picture 🙂

  2. Best thing I like about your videos is that I'm actually watching a POV of the player along with the commentary rather than watching twitch clip compilation!

  3. BOROS is such a cracked player. I love how he instantly fakes with that surf into water. You could tell he just had every move set in stone after that trade into site.

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