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By Estila

15 thoughts on “TGLTN | 22 Kills | 1-MAN-SQUAD GAMEPLAY (PUBG)”
  1. Ai nói người bình thường là không tham gia thi đấu được? Bây giờ là có một nền tảng có thể biến người bình thường trở thành tuyển thủ esports chuyên nghiệp , hãy nhanh tay đến với GOAOVS

  2. I don't play PUBG or FPP shooters, so Imma JUST SAYING THIS, ok? But at 1:45 how does he know where the guy is when there's ZERO visibility? The corridor is 2m wide, smoke is 4m deep, so 8m². Shottie will be effective in 1×2m² blocks of smoked area…So, assuming he's not moving, you've got a 1 in 4 chance of a direct shot on target. And why would he be moving? Idk. I might just be getting too sus over shit like this, but…
    • Guy WAS moving – COOL
    • Guy WASN'T moving – CHEAT
    Then, near the end, he drives his UAZ around to flank some guys on the hill, jumps out, tracks his target and knocks him with a frag, but again with ZERO visibility. Both guys could have been moving, and if they were then ok. But the second guy was prone, how do you make noise when it prone and waiting for the enemy? Idk. I don't play this (just PUBGM) and I suck beyond comprehension, so perhaps the audio picks up prone movements here, and again, ok. But it LOOKS sus as fuck. And, given there's at least as many cheating streamers as not, the probabilities just fall that way. Cheating is so endemic in PUBGM that last year Tencent banned 3,000,000 players… per week! Which is just insane, so I'll say that again, THREE MILLION PLAYERS EVERY SINGLE WEEK!" I've lost count of the number of times I've busted my gut to make final circle only to get taken out by one of the cheating little fucks. You'll say I'm just salty, but I only reported one player out of every 12 matches played. I only report when I'm sure. But only one guy got banned, so if only 1 out of every 100-150 cheats get banned, and 3m are banned, then the total number of cheats equals… Nearly every cunt playing the game. Just sayin'.

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