Super Ultimates: The Most Powerful Abilities in The Game | League of Legends

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For this ability discussion video I wanted to discuss the category of Super Ultimates, abilities with so much power, they can alter the course of a teamfight on their own.

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By Estila

9 thoughts on “Super Ultimates: The Most Powerful Abilities in The Game | League of Legends”
  1. TL:DR; As a Kennen main, I disagree with him having a "super ultimate".

    I'm not sure why you would consider Kennen's ultimate a super ultimate. His ultimate hits enemies each 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds, for a maximum of 6 times on any champion. It's an AoE-AP ability which sounds good… But that's it… The magic damage done per bolt of damage is 20% whatever his AP is, on top of whatever the tier base-damage is, up to 100 base damage. That's the worst ratio for any mage's ultimate in the game! You have more AD champs with better AP ratios on their ultimate than Kennen's ultimate.

    For example, you brought up Malphite and Fiddlesticks… We'll assume every champion has their most AP in items at about 800 AP-End game, completed Mejai's included. They are having a helluva game. And best to pick them since they also have an AoE ultimate, which does magic damage…
    – Kennen's ultimate hits 100 base damage per tick +20% AP. Assuming you can hit all 6 shocks because the enemy decided to engage you face to face – That's 600 base, with 120% AP. His ultimate will hit for about 1400+ damage during the full 3 seconds of the ultimate.
    – For Malphite, his ultimate displaces enemies longer and instantly in comparison to Kennen. He's in there, and doing other abilities while anyone his by his ultimate is still airborne. His base damage is 800 + (80% of his AP), which is why AP-Malphite is terrifying. His one strike does 1500+ damage, depending on the target, instantly…
    – For Fiddlesticks, his ultimate does 81.25 base damage on top of 11.25% AP damage. But his ultimate hits every 0.25 seconds, for 5 seconds. Meaning he can hit any target for the full duration (because he blinks to his target), for a total of 20 times. The base damage alone is 1625, but add onto the AP ratio…? 225%, basically meaning his ultimate over all did a crazy 3200+ damage in comparison. With a flee duration for 2 seconds…

    So Kennen's ultimate does the least amount of damage, and you mentioned it can't rely on other spells for it to be a super ultimate. So out of the three, he literally can't get into the enemy team without some sort of mobility added from items or somewhere in his kit, or taking a flash – where Malphite and Fiddlesticks can get into their destination "in a flash". Ousting Kennen's ultimate by a large margin.

    You also, you mentioned that a super ultimate is an ultimate that doesn't need to rely on a passive, which is why you omitted Varus's ultimate. Thing is, Kennen's passive is "you hit three times in a certain time frame with your abilties, you stun for 1.25 seconds"… So without his passive, he wouldn't be able to do any kind of crowd control – meaning his ultimate doesn't displace the enemy like Fiddlestick's fearing, or Malphite's knock up.

    There's a reason why Fiddlesticks sits at a 51.7% win rate and Malphite sits at a 51.23% win rate – both with higher pick rates in Season 12… While Kennen's win rate is a terrible 46.3% (as of this post). Kennen's ultimate doesn't deal damage, needs wind up time AND the element of surprise (such as an ambush or flash) and needs more of his kit to be effective. That's why when Kennen gets behind, it's near impossible for him to get back into the game – as you mentioned, he (like Illaoi) are worthless without their ultimate. His ultimate has a harder time turning fights than the champions you mention.

    So in short, he doesn't have a "super ultimate". His ultimate does minor damage, and the further behind he is, the less it will do – he needs to be end-game for it to be on the average damage scale for a target. His ultimate doesn't do crowd control on it's own – it requires his passive. His ultimate isn't immediate unless you are dog-piled on, meaning you didn't take initiative to get in with it – who's gonna wander into a waddling Kennen with his ultimate up? At least the other ultimates you mentioned jump in quickly. His ultimate is basically suicide, hourglass is a must even if his passive procs – because his stun is shorter than most, even Malphite gets more time to react and burst someone down than Kennen after displacing an enemy, with 0.25 seconds more for airbone (mind you animation from airborne, vs. a stun would add another 0.25 seconds – but that's not included) and requires no wind-up time for hitting enemies for the POTENTIAL full duration.

  2. so the answer to what a super ultimate is is just "will sylas fuck your shit in with it"
    TF ult id say is a super ult while a taliyah one isnt much

  3. You explained that super ultimates are good by themselves and excluded Orianna R for example. Taking that in mind, Illaoi R shouldn't be on the list because it's useless without her W. And probably Fiddlesticks R shouldn't be here too, because it's only a dash with damage if you take away Q's passive.

  4. As a fellow Cloud main in Smash Ultimate, I can indeed confirm that people play much more scared when you have limit, and I think that was a great comparison. If an enemy plays Malphite, you just can’t stand near each other

  5. you stating how nunus ult would be unfair and have 0 counter play if it had a lower time charging just doesn't make sense to me,,,, while champs like rengar, press one key and instant delete you from the game with 1 key stroke with no counter play at all,

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