Summit1g RETURNS to PUBG in 2022 – Is It Fun?!

Summit returns to PUBG for the first time this year after they made the game free to play & brings back some old times!
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Outro Song: Better Days – LAKEY INSPIRED
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By Estila

17 thoughts on “Summit1g RETURNS to PUBG in 2022 – Is It Fun?!”
  1. Man I really miss your PUBG content and I'll tell you why. 1: Much like Wacky Jacky, you've always been loyal to FPP. 2: This is a really difficult game that is very hard to win. You are perfectly comfortable posting your content win or lose. Only an excellent player such as yourself would feel comfortable posting w-or-l and your fans appreciate it. Welcome back Summit and keep the PUBG content coming…..Todd from Atlanta………

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