Student learns the hard truth about getting good at League of Legends

Was I too hard on this student telling him the cold truth to improving and getting good at LoL?
Coaching Bronze Top Tahm Kench


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By Estila

9 thoughts on “Student learns the hard truth about getting good at League of Legends”
  1. I just wanna say thank you neace for giving me this coaching session. I don’t believe he was hard on me at all, and I took in all of what he said and am working on getting better. Thank you so much for this session, and thank everybody who was in the chat of the stream that gave me some tips of advice on what I could do. This was all an experience, and I’m working on getting better so that I can reach my goal that I want to hit 🙂

  2. Two times in this video the Kench player had ult available and was literally standing next to a teammember who was being executed. He should have ulted teammate and saved them. This is a SEVERE Kench misplay and it happened twice @NEACE

  3. This guy has no RTS experience. His camera work needs some help. Do people drag their louse to the edge of the screen instead of scroll clicking? Yuck!

  4. one thing i never realised until i played league, and watched how other people play league, is how goddamn good i am with my camera, i suck in most places everywhere else maybe, sure. but my camera control is so perfect xD (grown up playing RTS games like Command and Conquer, and played dota for like 3000hours before playing league at all.) ive pretty much never had to 'learn' camera movement, ive just always been able to do it perfectly how i want it.

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