STOP Giving “Knowledge Check” Champs FREE Wins! – League of Legends

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By Estila

9 thoughts on “STOP Giving “Knowledge Check” Champs FREE Wins! – League of Legends”
  1. With illaoi I have a fun story. I'm new to league and have only seen illaoi 4 times, but I swear it's been the same player. I see this illaoi completely dominating lane, not writing anything in chat or pinging. Afterwards, I hear "the enemies inhibitor has been destroyed" but don't really acknowledge it. While in a teamfight, which we normally lose because it's mostly 4v5, we suddenly win by the enemies having their health bar reduced in a matter of seconds. This happenes a few times, except when contesting dragon. We take the enemy mid inhib just to see their nexus towers either down or damaged. Shortly before the game ends illaoi either gets a triple or Quadra and I finally realize we've been carried. I don't give her an honor cause I don't think she did too much, just being a little bit fed, only to see her stand with more than 20 kills, less than 3 deaths and about 5 assists. I'll try to update this comment everytime I see something like that again.

  2. I feel all the points are made are kinda poor yes theres knowledge checks but when you watch the fights most of them he barely comes out on top scraping by with slivers of health kled/ illoai fights and hes challenger playing in gold no? Surely if a knowledge check is so important there would be bigger difference not scraping through because he has better micro than a gold player.

  3. The Yorick information is a little lacking.
    It's more important to keep track of the number of graves spawned. If he has only 1 or 2 there's nothing to fear from the E so you can bully him without risk because he can't use half of his kit and has no all-in potential. Q2 is only usable with at least 3 graves in range, and E would only spawn 2 ghouls which is about 50 damage.

    With 3 or 4 graves, Yorick W is arguably more important than E – because E takes more time over longer distance it's incredibly easy to dodge if you keep good spacing (you can walk out of the range before it hits you) so most Yoricks will play around the W cooldown rather than the E since it guarantees an engage.
    Also, the E spawns ghouls in a radius around YOU not him, so by playing a little futher back while it's up you won't get the full 4 jumping on you.

    Focusing Yorick R is good pre-11, but very bad late game, since it has a lot more HP than Yorick (5000+ at rank 3) so it's much more effective to kill the champion. I've seen level 18 champions die in a 1v1 to maiden because it just has so much health.

    If you're already winning lane early, DON'T kill Yorick's maiden. It auto-shoves the lane meaning he can't freeze or farm under tower, so it makes him very vulnerable to being ganked or all-in down the long lane.

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