Start Ark like a pro! | Ark: Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks

In this tutorial, I talk about the first steps you should take when you have a new character. These tips apply to beginners, intermediate players, and even experts! This is how you start in Ark like a pro! +
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Complete Beginner’s Guide:
5 Advanced Tips:
Resource Guide for Beginners | Survival Handbook:

By Estila

11 thoughts on “Start Ark like a pro! | Ark: Survival Evolved Tips and Tricks”
  1. I would say if you're brand new, you should 100% go with the trike. Not only is it easy to tame (just stand on a cliff or make a simple trap) it can both farm narcoberries, and protect you from threats you don't know how to deal with alone yet on the beach. After trike I would recommend pteradon next, as being able to travel with ease is essential for getting most materials, but upgrade to argentavis asap, as it has much better weight for carrying metal, crystal, or obsidian in bulk, as well as being able to pull their weight in a fight.

    enjoyed the video as always pterafier!

  2. "How to start like a pro"
    "Get a friend to powerlevel you with his dinos".

    Ah yes, amazing guide, absolutely fantastic. If this channel ever comes up in my recommends, im turning it off.

  3. Building a stone base on the beach on official PvP… Goes out for foodgathering and comes back less then 5 min. later and there will be nothing left but 1 foundation that has 20 health left.

  4. i dont like it , when i started playing ark i had to learn everything and it was fun , but this video for a new player would ruin it, i hate videos like this one

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