Should You Get Your Main to 1445 or Get Multiple Characters to 1415 in Lost Ark!

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By Estila

10 thoughts on “Should You Get Your Main to 1445 or Get Multiple Characters to 1415 in Lost Ark!”
  1. I got my main, wardancer, crying and sitting at 1400 with 7 alts on 1340. I think I would be nice to hone to 1415 for the release, but I'm in no way of hurry.. f that. honestly I didnt wanna main wardancer since the point where she was reaching 1325 and beeing not as flashy nor high dmg compared to other classes. but I don't have the nerve to half-ass another alt to 1400 rn.. so I'm just doing what's better, instead of doing what I want: switch main. 🙁

  2. Creating a lot of fake fomo here tbh
    Hitting 1445 doesn't mean anything right now. Getting rich right now means nothing.
    Some decent points here but the take on 1445 dropping guaranteed high quality jewelry is absurd lol you still need to get lucky on so many parts that it doesn't even matter

  3. I’m uber casual and only have one char at i1100, after starting fresh on a different server, and just slowing down to really enjoy the plethora of options for different content. Valtan has no problem waiting on me. 1415 is my aim for now.

  4. My old main is 1415, but then Glavier came out and I started pushing her to 1415 as well. And I really enjoy support, so I'm pushing Paladin to 1415 now too. Content isn't going anywhere, so I'll get to 1445 when I get there. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Hope everyone has fun!

  5. My main is 1415 and pushed 1 alt to 1415, also have 3 alts at 1370 and 2 below 1370. I did this because at 1415 in my guild we do 4 man argos p3 to carry our 1370 alts, and one of my 1370 alt is a paladin, so now every week I'm doing 5 p3 argos and on top of that 2 normal valtan. So starting from next reset my roster is generating ~30k RAW gold every week (if you add the tradeable leapstones on top of that it's like 50-60k a week). Next step is main to 1460 fullstop (expecting to hit 1445 in 2/3 weeks).

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