Rust Solo Tips – 500 Population Vanilla Server

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Here are a few tips, principles, and habits that I used as a solo player on Rustralasia

Sorry if the commentary seems a bit dry and boring. I’ll do better next time
Server –

6:55 GIVEAWAY!!!!!
1:13 Key Management
2:11 Killing Farmers
3:20 Bows, Pipes, and Spears… Oh my!
4:41 Play it Safe
5:18 Budget Raiding
6:24 BPs

By Estila

11 thoughts on “Rust Solo Tips – 500 Population Vanilla Server”
  1. People are looking for duos and trios on our server, come join! I’ll post more info below:

    LucidGaming 2x | Solo/Duo/Trio | Vanilla+ | Lightly Modded | Monthly Wipes ★

    Modded with Half Craft, Half Smelt, Shorter Nights, Night Lantern, 3x Stack Sizes, Furnace Splitter, Player Ranks, Clans, PM and a careful selection of other mods that makes the perfect, lightly modded Rust experience, such as caves being hidden on the RustIO live map! Designed for players who can’t play 24/7!

    A large map, designed for players to join at any time of the month’s wipe – begin your monthly adventure now! Our community is from EU, US, ASIA and more, we have extremely fast connection worldwide, low-ping, no-lag!

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  2. Welcome to Lost Sulfur

    Map Size 3.5k


    2x Sulfur

    No Plugins

    Bi-Weekly Wipes

    Rules- No Hacking No Glitching No Rock Houses. Meaning, do not glitch into a Rock and build your home Sexist, Racist, Homophobic or Prejudice comments or art will not be tolerated towards any player and will result in an instant ban. – Swearing is allowed. But if Admin asks you to cool down with the language do it or risk being Kicked or even Banned. – Do not wall off Rad towns warehouses or Caves they will be removed – Speak English. This is a US Server


    Or Search Lost Sulfur Under Modded!

    Have A question? Add Me On Discord! Carson#3100

    Thanks For Taking Your Time And Reading.

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