Wanna start raiding in rust? Here is a quick Rust raiding guide.

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-Do you have enough C4
-Make sure everyone is kitted, don’t leave anyone out
-Scout out the base, be realistic
-Establish leader who will make decisions
-Communicate well, split chatter into groups
-Prepare for the worst
-Avoid friendly fire
-Don’t be afraid to back out if raid is going badly

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By Estila

11 thoughts on “RUST RAIDING PRO TIPS – Plan & Execute”
  1. Good tips Mike, I set up and run a 10-15 man rust clan a while back and we pulled off many raids. Many didn't work out great as we only wanted to raid when the bad people were online etc. But great fun. This was all on vanilla servers and was real hard work. I would say the perfect sized rust crew is 6 now, and always overestimate everything you need and what might happen and it will work out about 50% of the time in rust. Or simply go for smaller targets and smash it up.

  2. Do u have any tips on raiding a base that has exposed to sheds outside, should I get tc access and raid tower in or should I go through the walls and doors?

  3. my raid
    me: hey there is a base nearby that looks raidable
    teammate1: how much c4 should I bring
    teammate2: who cares just bring it all, but don't risk losing your guns
    runs over to base with 5 c4 and a bow


  4. No raid base or a restart spot if things go south? No reserving enough meds for anything to happen? No preparing for conter-raid forces coming your way? No help on rockets? I'd say this is very, very unfriendly to noobs or people starting off, assuming everyone seeing this video knows the basics. Not my or your problem, but there was potential to be more through.

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