Rust And Bone (Subtitles)

From the director of the multi-award-winning A Prophet, comes a gripping tale of two souls finding strength from each other after tragedy reunites them. Marion Cotillard (Academy Award® winner, 2007, Best Actress, La Vie En Rose) gives a tour-de force performance as Stephanie, an orca trainer whose life is transformed when tragedy strikes during a show. Faced with unbearable circumstances she turns to Ali (Matthias Schoenarts, Bullhead), a street boxer amidst his own battle of life-changing events. As their stories intersect, they navigate a gritty relationship in a world where love and courage appear in many forms.

By Estila

11 thoughts on “Rust And Bone (Subtitles)”
  1. I didnt really know what it was about beforehand. I was only interested in seeing, Matthias Schoenartas! I enjoyed this drama/love story & thought the storyline was very deep, moving…

  2. Top 10 of all time. OMG! Just watched this truly heartbreaking, endearing and visceral film. Marion Cotillard is at her Best in this one. She is one of THE Best Actresses in the world. Matthias Schoenaerts has established his absolute credibility as a major heavyweight. In just a few movies, he has outshined a ton of major Hollywood Actors who cannot even touch his Acting skills.
    In this movie, I was both infinitely upset with and loving him at the same time!
    This movie is HEAVY! It just breaks you up over and over. At one point, I thought. Ms. Cotillard is playing her role so brilliantly that she has to be an amputee. I still am not sure. She is quite the force to be reckoned with!
    This movie stays with you long after it's over. It becomes a mood inside the soul; has a life all it's own. And truly shakes you. It makes you want to hold SO preciously the little loved ones and fear for their every single move. It is a timely movie and should be watched many times. To remind people of the fleeting moments; and to holdfast and nurture the children. Gently, & lovingly. 🌠🐋🌸🌞

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