Reacting to the FINAL Animation vs Animator (ALAN BECKER)

Today I react to the final episode of Animation vs Animator by Alan Becker!



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By Estila

10 thoughts on “Reacting to the FINAL Animation vs Animator (ALAN BECKER)”
  1. When orange thought he lost his freinds he was mad and sad and then he tapped into his unknown power that is stronger than anyone and when the battle was over orange was surprised to see his freinds alive without knowing he has a powerful power that he doesn't know anything

  2. I think the second coming saw red die notice that all of them fought anyways even if they can't orange was starting to get his powers cuz of his fire soul science every single one of them died and their souls were powering him he unlocked his god mode basically creative mode in Minecraft lol but also makes science on how he has his god mode as an option cuz he is the chosen one with additional assets with fewer powers making him extremely powerful that even if the dark lord survived the second coming can unleash his true form there is just one thing that could go wrong which is not a possibility anymore but was if the darklord killed the second coming first the second coming would not have a chance to unleash his true form cuz he needs his friends to die first and then he can do it so yea

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