With Overwatch 2 right around the corner, I thought now would be a good time to see how the current Overwatch Hero roaster stacks up against each other! Today, we are doing the 5th Overwatch tier list!

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By Estila

12 thoughts on “OVERWATCH HERO TIER LIST 5.0”
  1. Only Baptist in S tier because of immortality field? I think other heroes should be in S tier as well, I feel like Sombra, Echo, Doom and Sigma should also be in S tier, Sombra ult can literally save a game just by staying invisible and ult on the whole enemy team, Since echo can turn into any hero and get the ult so fast she can use more than 2-3 ults in just a few secs, even if she gets killed during her ult she still have another life and can get away if she use the space+shift trick, Doom is just insane, even if the person doesn’t know how to use the map for mobility he can still destroy the enemy team if he gets the skill which aren’t hard to hit, and Sigma is a very very strong tank and his 2 ball can put a high burst damage, although his ult can sometimes benefits the enemy he can still do a lot like throwing his balls against a wall and bouncy a enemy that is hiding ou running away.

  2. This tier list is alright a few things I would definitely change like echo being a A and roadhog swapping places with Winston. But this tier list is still good you did well Bro You Wack 👍

  3. Idk if console is just a different beast, but have you ever heard of a Rush comp with Rein Lucio? A double bubble with Zarya Winston? Do you even know that any hero’s effectiveness is situational? The entirety of D tier should not be there, there are no “bad” heroes at the moment, just heroes that don’t offer what your team needs in that specific moment for that specific gamestate because the game is built around switching heroes ._.

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