Overwatch 2: Sojourn | Developer Update

Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman and Narrative Designer Miranda Moyer detail Sojourn, the newest hero coming #Overwatch2. Learn more about Sojourn’s weapon and ability kit, including her Railgun and Power Slide.

Get ready to slide into the action with Sojourn, playable in the #Overwatch2 PVP Beta.

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By Estila

12 thoughts on “Overwatch 2: Sojourn | Developer Update”
  1. Tired of all the same overdrive abilities…. Ana ult, Torb overload, Baptiste ult, Mercy ult, Orisa ult… and now Sojourn overckock………. please make more unique characters… I think you guys were on the right track with the first ult shown.. only thing is I would make it where you cant move, the beam is smaller and you have like 3 shots.

  2. Yeah, so our wait time will even be longer cause we don’t have issues with DPS as it is. Should have made her a tank at least. To help balance out the non existence of a wait time there.

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