Overloaded Champions: League of 200 Years | League of Legends

Despite constantly mentioning overloaded champions in the past, I never actually made a dedicated video explaining what they are. So today I wanted to make a detailed video on them! What makes them overloaded, and what is the difference between overloaded and overtuned.

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By Estila

9 thoughts on “Overloaded Champions: League of 200 Years | League of Legends”
  1. The problem with modern overloaded champions which I'm noticing more and more is that they're loaded with stuff that doesn't make any goddamn sense. They're just getting these random bonuses for the sake of it. Why does Sett have super health regen as a second passive? Why does delivering a Haymaker also tack on a shield? Dafuq should I know.

    Contrast this with with older champions shall we? Why does Singed's Fling toss the enemy back? Because he flung them behind him. Done.

  2. Senna's book worth of passives and free stats. Still drives me nuts. And she can heal better by building ad than most who build ap and has good damage and autos unlike the ap enchanters. She gets so much free stuff, has so many ways to gain power, gold, etc. that it is just mind numbing. Literally 1 of her myriad of passive effects would be another champion's passive, but she gets all of those and has a very competent kit to go along with it.

  3. one of my friends sayd that yone is bad in endgame and you can easly kill him in team fight. while asol is really good when you know how to use him and is super powerfull in pro play. for that asol is balanced and on the strong side while yone is only good against noobs and needs buffs. ad proof he confronts win rates. what do i say?

  4. I would love rito making more simple champions again, just like how sett is pretty basic but works wonders:

    Passive: punches 2 times, second time does more damage

    Q: punches are now harder, he runs at you

    W: you hit him, he hits you

    E: he brings you close, if he brings 2 people it stuns

    R: he just WWE your ass and the people near the landing spot

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