OUTLAW PATCH OUT NOW! No Man’s Sky Outlaws Update

OUTLAW PATCH OUT NOW! No Man’s Sky Outlaws Update

The patch for No Man’s Sky Outlaws is out right now! This patch fixes a ton of issues and also adds a couple things in. Pirate attacks are changed, so now they won’t attack Trade Posts as often. They added more cargo inventory to Hauler ships, that is awesome. They have also fixed the Cargo Glitch, so now you cannot make millions by selling items from your cargo….. dang it…..

No Man’s Sky Outlaws Patch Details Here: https://www.nomanssky.com/2022/04/outlaws-patch-3-87/

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By Estila

13 thoughts on “OUTLAW PATCH OUT NOW! No Man’s Sky Outlaws Update”
  1. Glad to see haulers are doing what the name states and allowing more room. Also, I told you it was a memory leak! Glad they fixed it. <3 Great video Jason. Thanks

  2. is it just me or is the texture bug STILL not fixed? I mean.. sure …. it greatly improves… but right now my cape is still low textured after warping LOL …

  3. Anyone know if it's a bug not being able to upgrade high capacity storage on your starships even if it's S class? Or is that all we get?
    I have loads of nanites and plenty of storage upgrades but can't do anything else to my haulers.

  4. Wish it was better.

    Space combat still trash. Squadrons next to useless. Lowering my reputation with everyone doesn't sound too appealing. Got a cape.

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