Noxus: The Land Of Selfish Champions | League of Legends

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Welcome back to another episode of my League of Legends Lore/Factions series! Today we’re gonna be discussing the region of Noxus and its inhabitants!

League of Legends Champion Lore/Factions Playlist:

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By Estila

9 thoughts on “Noxus: The Land Of Selfish Champions | League of Legends”
  1. For targon its religion based thus they rely on faith and cooperation. I'd like to think they're about Silencing the non believers (enemies)
    Almost every targon champs have cc.
    aurelion – stun,knockback
    Aphelios – slow, stun
    Pantheon – Stun
    Leona – Stun
    Zoe – slow(?), sleep
    Diana – Mini Stun, Knockback
    Soraka – Silence
    Taric – Stun

  2. noxus is the most diverse nation of them all
    they range from the simple embodiment of ego DRAVEN, to the never ending complexity of swain
    they have assassins that dominate rift, being everywhere an enemy threat is,
    they have juggernauts, may lord have mercy upon any turet that faces sion
    they have supports, darius is the best way of protecting your carry, by being your carry


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