No Man’s Sky Gameplay 2021 Review NMS Next Generation Update PS5 Game Play Captain Steve Lets Play

No Man’s Sky Gameplay 2021 Review NMS Next Generation Update PS5 Game Play Captain Steve Lets Play

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By Estila

12 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky Gameplay 2021 Review NMS Next Generation Update PS5 Game Play Captain Steve Lets Play”
  1. But… "There's No PvP!!! YARGH!" – lol. Great overview. I love this game, and I love the endless possibilities that lets you do pretty much whatever you want. Later!

  2. hello games didn't listen to the first billion buyers who, including me, asked for my 50 quid back. yes they keep upgrading it and good, it's now at the same level as Minecraft which is also a pointless game that I also wouldn't waste my time playing. But we all like different things and I understand why people like it. people brought tamagotchis ……..

  3. Nice video capt. Steve, slaping that like button. I have 300 h in game and did almost all of the things and am bored and tried perma for a challenge but found out the only challenge is fall damage… disapointing… so i came to my conclusion that the game is missing a huge survival element in it, fudge! You start the game with nothing, isnt that survival? Point is it's too easy with any difficulty.

  4. PC-VR brought me to the NMS Universe, I thought I would give it a go during the first UK lockdown I had just finished playing HalfLife Alyx, NMS was on special offer so I took advantage, I am so glad that I did because it helped me through the months of lockdown, I have never spent so much time in a game than NMS, the VR experience just never got old, the VR is incredible and so involving, so much to do, lots to build and a whole Galaxy to explore, can't say enough good things about this game.

  5. the recycle bin joke got me. i stopped playing game back in 2020 due to fps problems but now i have new rtx i guess its time to go back but i never gave up on game since release. sean made just the best game

  6. Great vid, thank you.

    Yes! The No Man's Sky community is the best gaming community there is as far as genuine, polite, helpful people.

    I think its because the game is so laid back, and the only competition is yourself and your goals. Its fun by yourself, its more fun with friends. You can try too hard and get exhausted or take your time to smell the flowers.
    Its like a giant galaxy-spanning game of golf. Lol
    And the sort of people that get into this sort of game are generally mellow people. You have to be or you would get very frustrated.
    My friends are like, thay game is lame and boring whats the point?
    It IS lame and boring… like life is lame and boring.
    There is not adventure around every turn and work sucks… theres a lot of work and waiting… nothing happens really unless you make it. Like life.
    And I don't know where some folks get off saying its empty and boring… theres so much to do I never get caught up.

    Its a great anti-game that I like to play when I am tired of looting and shooting and can't think of what to play. I used to play a golf game in that circumstance lol.
    My 5 year old niece loves watching the game cus its so surreal and beautiful. I have never taken so many screenshots in all other games combined.

    No Man's Sky: A giant multiple galaxy-spanning game of deep metaphorical golf. Nobody is keeping score cus there is no score.
    Some people do not know how to do that in games…. slow down, look around, take your time and not have to look over your shoulder all the time…. and I suspect thats why the reviews are either "Brilliant and Engaging" or "Boring and pointless"

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