No Man’s Sky Freighter Overhaul Coming Speculation Captain Steve NMS Ideas.jpg

No Man’s Sky Freighter Overhaul Coming Speculation Captain Steve NMS Ideas.jpg
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By Estila

12 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky Freighter Overhaul Coming Speculation Captain Steve NMS Ideas.jpg”
  1. If i remember it correctly in the past you could build the ground base parts in the freighter like the big cube rooms so you could create a big space with a second floor using stairs. I believe it was after atlas rises

  2. If we get an overhaul in a future update, perhaps we'll get the gold freighter originally teased in expedition 2. What I want the most in a freighter overhaul are windows and bridge customizations.

  3. Yes Yes I hope there is change in the freighters…. I hope that every freighter is different on the inside from each other… I have a small freighter now and it's the same as the biggest freighter… so no excitement here… it would be cool to have every freighter different on the in side and different bridges too… and I wish the painting worked too… well anyways thank you for your videos they are very good and pray that God will always keep you and your family safe… and CANADA SAYS HI….Ps.. can you ask them to fix the building cause it still hard to build now the color does not work… the old way worked better and I wish we still could have them back also….🙏🙏🚀🚀😊😊👍👍

  4. I would still like to have more than 1 freighter, 6 maybe, 1 capital like a resurgent class and 5 smaller system freighters to send out with the frigates, genuine fleets.

  5. The last two named updates were overhauls if existing game mechanics, which is unusual. A third overhaul update would signal a paradigm shift away from new mechanics to refining existing content. This could be a signal that they are wrapping up the lose ends and preparing to declare the game finished and launching there next flag ship game.

  6. i have a situation it has been commentated that you can have a extra 3 ships since the new update as i do have 6 but suggesting it will take you to 9
    so i went out to look for the new sail ships and when i try to add them to my fleet i have to give up one of my ships that i used .
    so how do you get the extra 3 ships or is it fake.
    nice video by the way

  7. Have you noticed that unclaimed freighters have three entries for their inventory, a little like starships, except the third one is '0'.
    This could be because freighters use a basic ship layout, but equally we may be getting a different style of inventory layout on freighters.

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