NEW UPDATE + South Vern Patch DELAYED = NEW Profit Opportunities! | Lost Ark

Weekly Update Notes:

The Notes From The Video: />
Time Stamp
0:00 Intro
0:10 Overview
0:56 Patch Notes
3:03 South Vern Contents
6:18 Market Weekly Update

Reddit Notes On South Vern:

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By Estila

13 thoughts on “NEW UPDATE + South Vern Patch DELAYED = NEW Profit Opportunities! | Lost Ark”
  1. hmmm havent followed Mattjestic for a while .,….still didnt improve….man maybe u dont want to hear….but u should stop click baiting people ….ur tricks is okay but sometimes it hurts the game ……..onlast suggestion ur video is way too long ….and you "really"love the game at the end is kinda sarcastic …but thats my opinion u can just follow ur way and u will eventually find out noone watching anymore …sorry if i do this on tough way….

  2. It wasn't delayed though, they didn't announce a date, we the players assumed that it was gonna cuz of when events etc are ending. But nice video, thank you!

  3. Avoid this channel!

    This guy just making cheap clickbait video with misleading or harmful "advice" a lot of inexperienced players lost a lot because of him, and he delet every comments and bans people who are trying to warn you (if you already see this comment you will see it will disapear later).

    Pay attention to how few likes his videos have, you can check with the extensions that his videos are 50% disliked.

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