*NEW* South Vern Region = Crazy Materials! | LOST ARK – Best Highlights & Funny Moments #60 (로스트아크)

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By Estila

13 thoughts on “*NEW* South Vern Region = Crazy Materials! | LOST ARK – Best Highlights & Funny Moments #60 (로스트아크)”
  1. i mean i dont like stoopz for many reasons so maybe thats why but… did he just say anguished isle will be added with south vern? because… its already in the game

  2. Hi. Do you take suggestions for your videos? If yes, then i have one. Could you make the first clip the thunbnail one? I feel weird not seeing it as the first clip

  3. That f2p guy with the +20 glow….was waiting for him to say 'f2p but bought founders pack.' FYI that isn't f2p. F2P you don't spend shit on the game, period. If you got the pack and that's it, you'd be considered a minnow.

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