New Player Tips And Tricks For No Mans Sky 2022 (NMS Beginners Guide)

A new video in my No Mans Sky new player series. These are a few tips and tricks I like to use in my playthrough and I think they will be very useful for any new player. No mans sky unit farm. No mans sky nanite farm. No mans sky best mods. How to get the best ship in no mans sky. How to upgrade your ship in no mans sky.

Music: Commander Impulse – DivKid

By Estila

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    If you want to get easy money or just want more free ships to your inventory i highly recommend parking your highest quality ship or next down the list into the space station and waiting for starships to enter and begin an exchange of ships with the person who had the ship you want. PAY ATTENTION!
    Once you exchange the ship with that person they will teleport to your old ship and still be standing outside of your old ship for a couple of seconds.
    Go back to your old ship and speak to the person about exchanging ships again, once you do you will be able to claim it for free and have just earned their old ship for free also.
    Now you got two free ships and you can continue to do so as long as you have ship inventory left in your freighter ! Your welcome

  2. Easiest suit upgrades: once you're at the Anomaly, but the exocraft and ALL of the scanner upgrades.
    Hit a planet, find Drop Pods. On the planet i farmed, i needed 1 antimatter tube, 1 nano tube and 10 sodium phosphate per pod.
    I waa able to get no less than 17 suit upgrades in about 3 hours.

  3. Started a new game, when i went to look for trade post to set up my first base i followed the ships moving through the atmosphere and found a trading post in less then 2 min. Not sure if its always that way i was just “being lazy” .

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