NEW PATCH 12.7 Preview: Zeri Changes + Moonstone Nerfs & More – League of Legends

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Systems Nerfs
0:48 System Buffs
1:14 Champ Buffs
3:34 Champ Nerfs
4:42 Outro

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By Estila

9 thoughts on “NEW PATCH 12.7 Preview: Zeri Changes + Moonstone Nerfs & More – League of Legends”
  1. The disaster of riot logic is the intent to move mages to mid after they take the support rule ..
    Vigar , neeko , lux , seraphine and xerath all those are buffed to pull them to mid resulted in more unbalancing in support rule. After this patch I expect to see neeko as a strong support pick

  2. No akali nerf no Veigar nerf no diana nerf seems great and instead of nerfing GP they buff him ? Oh and yeah how about nerfing this shit Hullbreaker that every top laner builds huh ?

  3. I don’t want them to make zehri just build the same adc items as everyone else, these items suit her . Nerf the numbers but this is the play style the champ is intended to have.

  4. First, Yone didn't need a buff. Second I also don't agree with the GP buff. I feel he is fine right now especially grasp and q spam in lane.

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