New Lost Ark Content! Amazon just revealed what’s coming in April & May

A Lost Ark Roadmap has just been revealed. So let’s talk about it.
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0:00 New Lost Ark Content
0:31 Why We Needed This
3:46 What’s on the Roadmap?
6:57 Content for Rich People
10:20 Classic WoW vs Lost Ark
13:33 Is Lost Ark Pay-To-Win Now?
16:34 Giving Players More Time
18:53 1 Class Per Month
21:25 New Class: Glaivier
22:58 New Continent
24:25 Power Pass
26:13 New Content in May
29:15 Exactly What I Wanted To Hear From Devs!
31:24 New Class: Destroyer
32:02 Trial Guardian Raids
35:38 Quality of Life Changes
36:08 Guardian Raid: Deskaluda & Legion Raid: Valtan
38:10 So, Is This Good?
40:53 2nd Berserker
41:54 Hell Mode & Hard Challenge In Lost Ark
45:24 Why All Games Are Pay To Win
50:15 If you gamble, you’re stupid
53:10 What People Truly Want

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By Estila

13 thoughts on “New Lost Ark Content! Amazon just revealed what’s coming in April & May”
  1. Personally think you are a little out of touch with where "Casual F2P" players are at. My main is at 1385 (the top end of where you said casuals should be). I havnt missed a single day log in, i havnt missed a single daily, adventure island, weekly material turn in, raid of any sort. Ive cleared the checklist EVERY SINGLE DAY since the headstart. I have a single ilvl 1325 alt that funnels his mats into my main. The only thing that could be done to speed up my process is to level more alts and funnel harder. Personally thing 1300-1310 is where your casuals are sitting at.

  2. Lost ark died along with all our hopes for a good game,no more trying to find a good game after so many years its time to realize it wont happen,back to real life now.

  3. Silkroad Online has a Glavier, but it's a total KR grindfest and botriddled game. In Lost Ark it's called a Glaivier, but basically the same concept it seems.

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