NaVi vs FaZe – HIGHLIGHTS – ESL Pro League | CSGO

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NaVi vs FaZe – HIGHLIGHTS – ESL Pro League | CSGO

By Estila

16 thoughts on “NaVi vs FaZe – HIGHLIGHTS – ESL Pro League | CSGO”
  1. Been a faze clan fan since their epic fight with Astralis and a unfortunate defeat by cloud9. With soo many changes in their rosters down the road, people called them choke. Never lost hope in them. Never ever even when I knew they would not win. There have been times really bad for faze. And now I enjoy my wait as it was worth it. But very few know rain always stayed in the clan. People say rain is a good friend of karri that's y he has never been kicked out, bla bla without having any clue about what the game is really all about. there were times when even karri switched to mouse. Everyone on this new roster is amazing but I would give the credits to rain. Real faze player. One of the most feared duelist. One of the most fast entry aggressor(at times he is more aggressive than art or even simple) . He is one of the hardest hitters I have personally experienced and seen in csgo pro scene. And obviously who can play mirage A ct site better than rain. I loved the way jks filled in for him. I have been seeing jks in many rosters and he has always been consistent. But when it rains, even the csgo gods fear his rush. Because no matter what he will push into the site rather than save a shit awp in the last round for a 💩💩💩 stats maintenance 😅😅. (Rip simple)

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