Minecraft Manhunt In Real Life Full Movie [ft. Dream, Sapnap, George]

This is Minecraft Manhunt, But if it was in real life full movie!
(a short adaptation of what we imagine a real life manhunt looking like)

Tag Dream in comments so he can see this video!

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After endless hours of preparation and editing, it’s finally finished! Scenes inspired by Minecraft Manhunt vs 2 hunters, Minecraft Manhunt vs 3 hunters, Minecraft manhunt vs 4 hunters, Minecraft manhunt vs 5 hunters, The final manhunt. Had fun making this, even though it’s super scuffed. Hopefully you enjoyed :).

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By Estila

15 thoughts on “Minecraft Manhunt In Real Life Full Movie [ft. Dream, Sapnap, George]”
  1. Please tag Dream in the comments so he sees this video. I decided to put these parts together in honor of Dream making a real life version himself in the future. I'm hoping to make a new part too, so subscribe if you'd like to see that!

  2. I still don't get how on earth are they supposed to do a real manhunt, like, the very goal of minecraft is to beat the enderdragon, how are they even supposed to manage that

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