Minecraft, But We Can Swing Like Spiderman

Minecraft, But We Can Swing Like Spiderman. A trick using leads, arrows, invisible bats, velocity, and more, makes it so that we can play survival Minecraft without mods and swing like spider-man.

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This isn’t really a challenge, it’s just a fun thing we added to vanilla Minecraft (this isn’t like every mod ever). It was surprisingly difficult to use and we ended up killing ourselves many times, but it’s still fun to jump around and fly through the air like Spiderman.

this was on Minecraft 1.14 not Minecraft 1.15. If you want more content like this drop a like 🙂

This was sort of inspired by Jelly’s “Playing as THE FLASH in MINECRAFT!” as “Playing as THE SPIDERMAN in MINECRAFT!” although those are with mods.

This isn’t your typical Minecraft, But challenge.

By Estila

8 thoughts on “Minecraft, But We Can Swing Like Spiderman”
  1. This one is not actually a challenge, it's just an interesting really cool change to Minecraft. Should we do an occasional video like this? Let me know 🙂

  2. rewatching old dream videos. idk man, they make me really happy and take my mind of the antis. ily dream, thank you so fricken much for all that you do- please never quit being a cc <3

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