MASSIVE ISLAND COMPOUND – Rust Base Tours – Ep. 10

An awesome selection of unique rust base designs and base builds!

JOIN MY SERVER – INFO BELOW 😀 (server just wiped)

Server name: Viking Republic

Join my server: client.connect
Or search “Viking” in modded category off server browser and join “Viking Republic”

Server setup:
2X Gather, FastXP (3X)
TP & Remove
Small Map & Custom Stack Sizes
InstaCraft & QuickSmelt

Weekly map wipes, monthly XP/level wipes.


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By Estila

11 thoughts on “MASSIVE ISLAND COMPOUND – Rust Base Tours – Ep. 10”
  1. Nice thing about Doom's design, he can just shoot out the ladders, and unless they get TC the only way to get loot then would be to foundation wipe, highly unlikely.

  2. hey mike, how do you turn off godmode / no clip for admin? is there a way? sorry to bother you i figured you're best to ask since i've been watching your vid and you run your own server. thanks again

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