LS | C9 HAS BEEN DISMANTLED ft. Doublelift and Jensen | EG vs C9

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By Estila

9 thoughts on “LS | C9 HAS BEEN DISMANTLED ft. Doublelift and Jensen | EG vs C9”
  1. I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose but fudge S key to give penta was genuinely best possible play. The delay of having zeri ignore wave and run over while 2 members of enemy team also stood afk next to him was the most time he could have bought for them

  2. Cloud9 for years has developed systems on how we like to coach and operate our team. And despite our best efforts working with LS to try to come to terms and see eye to eye on how that should work, we are unable to make that actually happen.

    I think it's important to note that all players, coaches and management were aware of these issues and frustrations, and our mutual efforts to try to resolve them over the last several weeks. Unfortunately, as time went on, it was really clear that we were unable to find a resolution and come together on figuring out this problem and we decided that it was important that we make a change and release LS at that point so we could move forward and focus on the future.

  3. I could only watch abut 4-5 minutes of an LS video before i was annoyed with him beyond belief. I find it unsurprising that after 4-5 weeks C9 was annoyed with him being their head coach. Too bad the skill of the c9 players was unable to match up to EG lol…Maybe summit and bezerker should go back to Korea and and get owned by faker since clearly they aren't even good enough to beat impact and the NA "rookie" of Danny?

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