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0:00 Video content & advice
1:21 Berserker
2:29 Gunlancer
2:35 Destroyer
3:46 Paladin
3:56 Wardancer
4:31 Scrapper
4:58 Soul fist
6:34 Glavier
6:45 Striker
6:54 Deadeye
7:09 Artillerist
8:52 Sharpshooter
9:16 Gunslinger
9:31 Bard
9:40 Sorceress
10:07 Deathblade
10:19 Shadowhunter
10:52 When do we get this

By Estila

13 thoughts on “LOST ARK MASSIVE CLASS CHANGES, NERFS & BUFFS. New Balance Patch”
  1. Sywo u missed that last part on the Sharpshooter. Old one: There was never an increase in ATK Power so 10 % is new, they deleted that the Class Engraving gave Hawk Gauge. Thats the Reason why they added Hawk Gauge +50 % in PvE and +30 % in PvP I guess

  2. I just saw your podcast with kanonxo. You got my respect man. The part about you meeting your wife was my favorite 😂 relationships like that are so intriguing.

  3. Omg Gold River is clueless. What?! 5th Soul Master nerf and now it fks with existing class feel. Removes 40% selfbuff (that stacked, one for party that you also got and one for yourself) and gives back 30% buff making it brain dead button mashing?! Ok and then +3% more dmg from engraving for properly button mashing with no breaks (which was super easy already). AND making the bullshit awakenings that always missed and were highest dmg in game to be even higher dmg AGAIN.
    Oh and….no more frontal attack? What? Bolting Crash was the only one that made sense as Frontal Attack + counter.

    Everything else was actually good (or fine). Sign me up for free panacea (and Energy Blast making you take no dmg).
    Merciless pummel could have used 10% dmg on the movement one (instead of range) because no one will use that otherwise (just like currently).

    Also why the hell is everything getting back attacks AGAIN? After (I think) they tried moving away from that.

  4. hi . can u pls answer my question .. is the cap for crit dmg is 250% only ? i play artillerist and got keen blant on lvl3 . so i got 250% .. so why should i get the Harsh armor from argos if i already caped on crit dmg ? and ty : )

  5. It feel like Smile gate (like Riot with LoL) "balance" their game in order to have two or three "OP class", people want to switch main and use money, and then smile gate change the OP class, and people use some more money. The change on sorc and zerk a ridiculous, and the "buff" class of this patch will be the next nerf class. And the cycle goes on and on.

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