Lost Ark – Make Or Break Update | Why The Next Patch Means Everything To Future Of The Game

Lost Ark has hit a few bumps in the road, no one is denying that. The issues have spiraled out of control, so much so, that Amazon Game Studios and Smilegate RPG are sitting down to discuss the best way to move forward. This is a make or break moment for the game, and this next patch means everything to the future of this promising free-to-play MMOARPG

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By Estila

13 thoughts on “Lost Ark – Make Or Break Update | Why The Next Patch Means Everything To Future Of The Game”
  1. I'm two upgrades away from 1340 and I've spent zero money. I've been robbed on my weapon upgrade so much that I have 4k blue vs my zeroed out red materials. I'm being gated by gold now because you get robbed of gold on each failure on top of your materials.

  2. 😂🤣 one update is not a make or break update for this game, come on man. Lost Ark is here to stay regardless what this update does or doesn’t do. It’s not that serious.

  3. All you say… is good and nice. (however, some feedback)
    However, most people are not those super hardcore I-have-to-win PVE-now-FAST type of guys. Heck most are not even T3 yet: The devs revealed it themselves: Most are T1 or T2, I know even a few personally who are <49 (met one at his place just yesterday). So from my experience, these people might try some streams/videos, but quickly get away. When they see the stream just cares about or even "influence" you into hardcore play (players)…, and rather adresses super endgame assumed "issues" or rather said concerns. Hardcore players, which are – let's be frank one moment – a bunch of over-actives and demand a we-must-progress-faster! / Read in casuals eyes: They must get even more distance to all the filthy casuals.

    A vicicious circle, of where less and less casuals like to visit forums or participate in videos or streams.
    I.E. I know some that liked to chat in the discord about LoA casually, however it gets more and more uncomfortable there (…). Similar to forums or stuff like video streams/comments. A few even left those discords fully (…).
    It sometimes comes down to some over-actives liking to make it "their" place…

    BTW: These casual players simply "play to play" the game. Of course with a direction of progress in mind, but more appreciating the content, indulging stuff, finding or trying some stuff themselves rather than going minmax immediatelly, and more. (play to play)

    So with all above, I'm just SAYING: You – anyone – get a wrong impression from just listening and reading stuff in your videos or streams. And this is sad, because devs – some times / more or less – also get only the impression from loud people and might think that's our playerbase… No.

    Somewhat good news: The fact that they point out their knowledge people being in T1/T2 shows they are at least aware of this "issue" (and thusly feedback being… one-sided). Perhaps as a HINT to you rather hardcore guys, on why some systems are in the game… and more.

    Of course this is countered by an Argument, that once you reach Argos you get even more far ahead and faster. And the devs wouldn't have done it this way if not for P2W… (slightly more positive in their news some days ago) So it's not a clear topic. But certainly overall (I mean the dev + hardcore state) it's demotivational to casuals:
    – that people feel not valued in their time being spend with the game, simply having fun. When being confronted with videos or comments/chats that just push you to go through and devalue the way-content basically. (as hinted at before)
    – that casuals see others spend like $5000 into the game and bots ruining the market, and thus their even casual "investment" becoming even less of worth (which is kind of made up by not caring about it too much, but still…)

    What about some occasional other videos:
    – This is how you can get the most fun out of the game from T2 to T3 (i.e. here are the coolest but still useful activities at ilevel 802 to 960 / this is how to best enjoy this part of the game… etc.)
    – similar for Being fresh 50. Not a fastest route but an effective route where you also meet all kinds of funny content.
    This is also fostering long term viewerbase, IMHO.
    (i.e. one might click on clickbaits "best class" but perhaps not in the future anymore, after hearing and/or experiencing about all the circumstances and/or hurdles)

    With that being said, there goes also also my hint. It was quite an effort to write (I'm not a native speaker), but I hope it helps a little; because I like your style and guild.
    The overall idea of your channel is good.

  4. Make the t3 mats from the extra events available to everyone… Less rush more choice more freedom.

    There is no reason not to, if you already show what is available. (usually this is not the case)
    My friend was even surprised there is an ilvl of much above 800 when he explored the event rewards… He really enjoyed the game UNTIL then. Bummer.

    So originally, this step by step system is really well designed for new players IMHO. I don't know why they ruin it now with those seemingly rushed events. It should rather be build into the game permanently, IMO.

    Exploration should be FUN. Incentivized but not something you want to stress… Makes people leave…

    Ppl play it in their free time you know, not to have a 2nd job. (at least most of em)

  5. Make or break update on a F2P game….? RIP MMO industry if this is the new normal. Let's give it one month then decide if it's a dead game. Don't get me wrong the quality of MMOs today is leagues behind the days of Guild Wars 1 days. And AGS decision making is that of a child and in my opinion they are borderline failures. Every MMO that gets released has 2 guarantees. Gold Spammers & Bots. It is insane developers & publishers still get caught flatfooted on these two issues. Calling this a make-or-break update is insanely premature when it still has a 100k+ player base.

    Yes, there are absolutely things they need to fix and I am so tired of AGS it's sickening. They should have just released all the classes and stopped trying to hold content back to create longevity. Players jamming through 500hrs of content in one month are as predictable as the bots.

    Regardless I enjoy your lost ark content so hopefully, it doesn't end here

  6. If people would just be patient when it comes to iLvl and focus on spending currency on things like gems, and engravings they’ll see much better performance than just pushing item level constantly. It’s been just been a month and a half, so why does everyone want to max and expend all replayable content already? I got to T3 with hardly any help from friends. I feel some of these frustrations and I do think honing rewards need a rework but I don’t feel it’s as bad as people think because they’re prioritizing the wrong things. Go at your own pace, what’s the real rush? PVP is static so you’re not losing to players who’ve paid money to progress quicker. Just my opinion and I know many feel differently.

  7. Am i the only one feeling that for a free to play, they've been the most fair compared to other games? The game is not requiring dlc purchases or real money to progress. IT JUST TAKES PATIENCE. If you get bored grinding one thing, theres plenty of other events to take part of for other things you might need.

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