Asmongold ends the debate about Pay-2-Win in Lost Ark with videos from Josh Strife Hayes and CohhCarnage to help him.

Here’s Why 0:00
Asmongold Reacts to Lost Ark IS Pay-2-Win (here’s why) 8:06
Asmongold Reacts to Cohh’s Thoughts: Is Lost Ark Pay2Win (P2W)? 12:16

Original Videos:

“Lost Ark IS Pay-2-Win (here’s why)” by Josh Strife Says
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUL4OpvqNHI&ab_channel=JoshStrifeSays />
“Cohh’s Thoughts: Is Lost Ark Pay2Win (P2W)?”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u9IQwT1oYk&ab_channel=CohhCarnage />
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By Estila

13 thoughts on ““LOST ARK IS PAY-TO-WIN.””
  1. DONT TROLL, for us who dont know the game we dont want EQUIPMENT or STATS hidden behind money, having to grind is NOT P2W. every mmo has money involved. Skipping time is not what we call P2W. Learn what people really want.

  2. Why all this argument about whether Lost Ark is "pay-to-win" or not? Is it fun to play? Is it worth the cost? Yes? No? The answers to these questions doesn't change whether or not you say pay-to-win applies or does not apply to non-PVP game elements.

  3. Pay to win definition since it was created: Having buyable advantage. There is no "many definitions, subjective" bullshit, the "definitions" started some years ago with wallet warriors, doing some Politician lvl mumbo jumbo. Today games are using many intricated systems and tricks to hide the pay to win elements and promoting people who does all sorts of manipulation like this guy Cohh. The three here are wrong anyway, they did a "downgrade" of the term to make it look less bad, it is not.

    Also, Amazon is selling GOLD directly with their army of bots, this one is also not new and might be the worse thing of all.

  4. The sad part is even if a game is not obviously P2W, the community will still find ways to make it that way. A good example currently (imho) is TBC Classic with the GDKP system. You get carried through a dungeon by other players and then just buy your BiS gear with (presumably) Gold bought off of some website. The overall mindset that the MMO community is shifting towards sucks. Maybe I'm just an old school gamer, but this is not why I got interested in MMO's or gaming in general.

  5. Josh Strife Hayes: "..so yes lost ark is pay to win, but pay to win is a spectrum."
    Asmon: "see! yes I agree, Lost Ark is totally not pay to win."
    Me: 😐Blinking White Guy meme

  6. Pay-to-win: to pay real money for an advantage, ie. unlocking a feature such as a skill, weapon, character, power, stats, etc, that is otherwise unavailable in a game through other means. This includes instant access to items or rewards that are considered top tier/end game content with extremely low drop rates.

  7. I just don't understand why this is such a hot topic of discussion. Like who cares if it p2w or not? I'm a free to play player and have grinded to end game. I've come across various p2w players and affects me very little. Sure its p2w but it has 0 affect on me. It's such a non matter of discussion. Game is still fun

  8. The backpack analogy was actually the perfect analogy for the situation. Only a complete idiot would ever try to argue against it. Game is clearly P2W

  9. Sadly there are too many spoilt brats spending Daddy's money to enhance their gameplay. These types of people hate being labelled as paying to win because it infers they have a shortfall in skill. So they change or at least try to change the very definition of paying to win.

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