Lost Ark ~ HUGE Balance Changes on the Korean PTR SERVER!

Long have we waited, here it is. The Korean PTR went live this night on the Korean Lost Ark Servers and with it the first set of buff, nerfs and changes. Some interesting things to say the least in my opinion.

Please keep in mind, some of the Google Chrome Translation might be off and my knowledge on certain classes is not extensive enough to talk in depth about it. This is why I just briefly touch on them. I sincerely hope none of the info is wrong at least!

Link to Article: https://lostark.game.onstove.com/News/TesterNotice/Views/8

I noticed that I literally forgot to go over Soulfist & Bard for some reason.
I’m sorry about that.
My comments on Soulfist is that I have no idea how the changes will affect the class due to the awakening/buff playstyle so we’ll see moving forward what it does.
For Bard not much has changes besides a new good counterskill (preferred over buckshot imo) and that all of their debuffs are applied for 1 second longer than before.
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00:00 Intro
00:33 Overview
01:30 Berserker
02:46 Gunlancer
03:55 Destroyer
06:01 Paladin
07:05 Wardancer
08:14 Scrapper
09:35 Glaivier / Lancemaster
10:07 Striker
10:37 Deadeye
11:33 Artillerist
12:38 Sharpshooter
13:35 Scouter
14:16 Gunslinger
15:00 Arcana
15:55 Sorceress
16:30 Deathblade
17:24 Shadowhunter
18:46 Reaper
19:37 Outro/Comments

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By Estila

13 thoughts on “Lost Ark ~ HUGE Balance Changes on the Korean PTR SERVER!”
  1. Soulfist main here, and Wow, the changes on soulfist are actually a nerf to a player that "mastered" the class. It's a straight up nerf for players that time their ap buffing skills and prepare for heavy damaging skills.

    It's actually obvious, If the buffs from the tripods 38%+, getting passive 30% doesnt add up, also, Energy Release increases damage by 55.6%, and i could use this buff to power up 2 strong skills, but now i only get 55.6% damage increase for Spirit Bomb (which should get real buffs instead of this), a skill that can be EASILY missed, even for experienced players.

    The class needed some buff, not nerfs, If this patch gets released the way It is for soulfist, i'm deleting.

  2. Unfortunate for Perfect Supression builds. Demonic Impulse already outnumbers that build, vast majority of demonics are demonic impulse. They have insane high burst damage, the dont have to worry about positional attacks much compared to PS, they get free heals whenever they transform. The only "good" thing perfect supression has is higher normal skill damage, and they're reducing all of PS skills all across the board.

    For an engraving so rarely played, for it to take such a hit is such a shame. The should just delete that engraving entirely and just make it demonic build, seems like thats what they want to player base to go to anyways. Or just delete it and give us a new one.

  3. As a Paladin main I hate these changes. I enjoy maxing stagger (vital point lvl3, double smite punishment, etc) and this takes away so much. I want to do more utility than just buff/debuff that gets boring.

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