Lost Ark – 13 Huge Mistakes to Avoid | Save Time, Resources, and More for ALL Players (NA/EU)

Lost Ark releases for the NA/EU on February 11th, but before you dive into Arkesia there are 13 huge mistakes you need to avoid in order to maximize your progression, save time, and resources. In this video Codiak shares details about important systems, items, and more.

00:00 – Intro
01:03 – Changing Your Main Character
02:32 – The Con Man
03:04 – Quest The Way You Want
04:32 – Join A Guild
05:49 – Leveling Gear
06:39 – The Strength of A Stronghold
08:32 – Increase Your Field of View
09:05 – Understanding the Rest Gauge
10:23 – Don’t Waste Combat Items
11:28 – The Main Quest Curveball
12:01 – Resurrection Feathers
12:58 – Skill Point Potions
13:51 – Your Roster Level Matters
14:35 – Join Us for More Coverage!

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By Estila

13 thoughts on “Lost Ark – 13 Huge Mistakes to Avoid | Save Time, Resources, and More for ALL Players (NA/EU)”
  1. One correction though you have to buy the mining and fishing gear for these 2 questlines. The other ones they hand you a free uncommon tool then if you complete the quests you also get a free rare. But mining and fishing you get no free uncommon one to start the quest, so you have to buy them and just get the rare reward after you finish the quests.

  2. 1. Stop telling people to skip the side quests. Even if you're just trying to get to end game the side quests are a good source of exp (and other resources like hidden dungeon scrolls), they don't take very long to complete and most of them tell you to go where you're already going anyway.
    2. Do the hidden dungeons! The first one in Loghill gave me a legendary ring and the next one I did (idr where) gave me a ring and earrings. So if you want some good early stat boosts do the hidden dungeons. They also don't take very long as they're just a boss fight and then you leave.

  3. I've accidently skipped the prolong guidea after using my speed-pass on one of my alts and I later found out that I missed on osme cool skins i really wanted to get. How can I "unskip" the prolong guide and continue where I left off?

  4. As someone who doesn't like the Stronghold type stuff, F*** them for making it basically mandatory. Housing is cool for those who like to do it (I don't… I just think it is cool for the creative types to be able to)… however as usual it is just another mechanic to make crafting more complicated and to make another timesink.
    It is a mechanic to make you set a timer to log in, or suffer months of catching up if you don't got the time.
    Do anyone find the time they spend at the Stronghold to be fun? To me, it has just been "return to base to start the next timesink".

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